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The Evolvement of Life

 15 months ago—I receive the following e-mail:


 If humans evolved from Apes or a common ancestor of the Apes why aren’t all Apes or other species like the Ape, like Monkeys and Gorillas, all evolved into humans by now? Why aren’t all Apes or other species like the Apes all humans now? In other words, why hasn’t all Apes and Apelike species become extinct and all turned into humans by now? Also if there is no God how do you explain that there are many varieties of species? Why didn’t all original species take the same evolutionary path and become the same evolved species? How can there be so much of a variety of species, all with different purposes, as if they were intelligently designed all with a purpose of serving humans and other life and the earth? What created the variety of species that we have?  Ecology and Teleology talk about this. Thank you.

Monkeys and gorillas share 95% of humans DNA along with 23 out of 24 chromosomes.

The answer to your questions can be found in two distinct parts:

(1). Cytogenetic: Is the reason for heredity and variation. Example: When birds have sex the outcome will be a baby bird. This is called heredity or evolution.  When a different species of birds have sex it’s called variation which is another word for varieties.

The same principle can be found in dog breeding. The dog evolved from the wolf who was domesticated by our ancestors—which led to heredity and variation in our dog population.   

(2). Religion: Since your question has religious overtones—it deserves a religious answer.

The answer to your question can be found in Noah’s Ark:

And La’-mech lived a hundred eighty-two years and begat a son: And he called his name Noah … And La’-mech lived after he begat Noah five hundred ninety and five years, and begat sons and daughters (Gen. 6:28-30). Lamech lived 777 years.

Wow! right away a red flag should be blowing in the breeze. Lamech having children after 82 would be a miracle—but at 182! Really? Then he lives another 595 years and has more sons and daughters! C’mon guys! Really?

When Noah is 600 years old, he is told by God to build the Ark. I’m having trouble mowing the lawn at 74!

First and foremost: There is no archaeological evidence of a catastrophic flood culminating in the destruction of mankind on earth—except in the Old Testament.  Meaning: That any accomplishment in the Bible was accomplished by other civilizations prior to Judaism. Including a Moses and a flood myth.

Second (and most important) data from that time shows that the population did not change much during the timeline given in the Bible.      

Then there is the size of the Ark itself – that would have mathematically made it impossible to fit every known animal and insect along with the provisions needed to keep them alive during the timeline given in the bible. Not to mention the sanitation problem with having that many animals cooped up for such a long period of time with only one window.

Then you ever noticed that nothing is mentioned about marine life. What about the millions of water creatures? No problem you say—because they would have survived in the water. The only thing wrong with that theory is that freshwater creatures cannot survive in saltwater.

Then there is the creationist who believes that the world was created 6,000 years ago. You do the math.

Then you have the motto of fundamentalist Christians (or Christians in general) “that all things are possible with God.”

This leads to my quote “There is nothing about God—that cannot be resolved on a psychiatrist’s couch.”


One cell organism started life – where did the one cell organism originate from? Everyone from Christians to atheists and everything in between has their own theory of how life began—and they all think they have the answer.

But the truth is; nobody knows how life got started—all they have is their theories.

Keep in mind that the universe is made up of mostly hydrogen and so are our bodies—by way of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, and sulfur. That all stems from explosions in the universe—that became known as stardust.

“Before there was a God—there were many gods.”

“Before it made the pages of the Bible—it was between the pages of other books.”

There are over 200 ancient stories of a flood—prior to the biblical account of Noah—that is a close fact-similar-thereof.

Ivan Peter Kovak

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