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Ken’s Ark

On Thursday, July 7, 2016, creationist Ken Ham opened another museum in Williamstown, Kentucky, called Noah’s Ark—which is less than an hour south of the Creation Museum he opened in Petersburg, Kentucky, on May 28, 2007—to educate the public-at-large that the earth is less than 6,000 years old.

Both museums (according to Ken Ham) are biblical facts of the Bible’s Genesis, which he believes are historical facts of life. But sadly, both museums are historically inaccurate and ignorant of the facts which the young creationist alter—to give meaning to their theories for their beliefs and purpose in their lives.   

Ken claims the whole idea of both museums is to get people to think and look at things differently. Both museums were built to complement each other and promote the truth about Genesis. To date, the only thing is that Genesis is proven to be an earlier prototype of a Harry Potter Novel. Those who believe that Genesis is honest—need to see a psychiatrist.

Ken claims to be a creationist who believes that the earth is less than 6,000 years old and at the same time believes that Noah’s Ark is real and the flood truly happened, and that eight people left the Ark and repopulated the entire planet earth—in less than 6,000 years with 7.3 billion people.  

First and foremost, there was no major flood in recorded history in the last 6,000 years that wiped out humanity. That’s a fact. Second—there is a reason that marine life would have never survived such a flood. It happened in South Florida in July 2016. The Army Core of engineers accidentally opened a freshwater dam into salt water, creating a toxic green slime all over South Florida. Most marine life in the world’s oceans would have died when the freshwater rains from above—filled the seas below.

Ken—most freshwater, marine life cannot survive in saltwater, and most salt-water marine life cannot survive in freshwater. Then there are the billions of insects—what happened to them? Then there are the primitive historical records of the population which, according to the biblical timeline of the flood—were only altered by an immeasurable amount due to Mother Nature – births and deaths.

The thing that amazes me is that Ken built a majority of both his museums with donations and tax incentives that range to almost 130 million dollars. Most of the monies will also develop his Ark Museum with bond help.

Maybe it’s time for the Senate to reopen an investigation into Christian organizations that ignore the facts to change the course of history with their delusional ideas that belong in a cartoon and not in Christianity with monies they receive from donations and tax breaks. Maybe it’s time for someone to define what religion is and what belongs to a mental institution.  

Some have suggested that Ken got the idea about building the Ark from the 2009 movie “Evans Almighty.” Regardless of where the idea came from—America should start thinking about reopening mental institutions—instead of closing them. Starting in Verona, Ky, which sits halfway between both of Ken Ham’s nut houses—oops! I mean museums. After all—people will need to go somewhere to recover from the $40.00 admission to a boat that doesn’t float—except in mythology.

In the end—Ken has built his Christian fantasy world where only Christians need apply with a letter in hand from their minister who will guarantee their Christian heritage, and all gay Christians need not use it.

Those who bare the mark—must also bear the cross of celibacy. There will be no hanky-panky on Kenny’s boat.


Ken Ham reminds me why mental illness starts with Christianity—and ends with Christianity. Just because the United States Constitution protects religious fantasy—it doesn’t mean the rest of us to have to be nuts for the squirrels.

P.S. Then again, rumor has it that Ken had to backtrack on his strict hiring policies due to lack of interest and attendance.

P.S.S. This is not a rumor: It cost over 100 million dollars in donations to build this Ark in the first place.

Ivan P. Kovak

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