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The Falsehoods of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is nothing more than a voluminous reproduction or replica of other gods that have come before. In other words, nothing he has done during his delusional lifetime was original. All he had done (including his miracles) was done by other gods of other religions or myths thousands to hundreds of years prior to his creation by man.

Example: A perfect archetype (prototype) for Jesus Christ would have been the Egyptian god Horus who predated Jesus Christ by 3,000 years. Note the similarities.

He was born to a virgin mother on December 25. He was idolized by three kings. He resisted temptation. He began to teach at the age of 12. He was known as the “Good Shepherd,” the “Truth,” and the “Light.” He was known as the “Lamb of God.” He was known as the “son of man” and the “savior of humanity.” He had 12 disciples that traveled with him. He cured the blind, healed the deaf, raised the dead, and cured the lame. He walked on water, calmed the seas, and cast out demons. He died by crucifixion. He was buried in a tomb and rose three days later.

Of course, the modern-day pillars of Christianity will adamantly defend their Jesus Christ’s existence so as to give purpose to their lives and religion, but one must remember that the meaning of the word “scholar” “is a person who has done an advance study in a special area,” so for the Jewish Hebrew scholars not to have known about prior religions or gods and myths before Jesus Christ would have been like a football coach not having prior knowledge about football.

Again, if copyright laws had been in effect, Jesus Christ would have never got off the ground—along with everything associated with him. These similarities between the Egyptian god Horus and Jesus Christ are fact, and the truth is that Jesus Christ was not born from the Virgin Mary but from the pagan god Horus and other pagan gods from many different cultures throughout the Ancient World that shared something in common with Jesus, such as Adonis, Attis, Buddha, Dionysus, Enki/Ea, Glycon, Heracles, Krishna, Mithras, Odin, Odysseus, Perseus, Romulus, Tammuz, and Zoroaster (most of these gods predated Jesus Christ).

Note: There is no physical evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. None! 

Note: There is no written confirmed evidence of Jesus Christ while he was alive. None!

Note: No one ever wrote about Jesus Christ’s miracles while he was alive. None!

Also, the Jeselsohn Stone Tablet (known also as the Gabriel Revelation Stone) raises questions if there was a messiah known as Simon of Pea that existed prior to the alleged birth of Jesus Christ.

Josephus, a known Jewish historian (born five years after the supposed death of Jesus Christ), wrote more about Simon than Jesus Christ because Josephus, like most historians of the time, was born after the fact and relied mostly on other writings and word of mouth called oral traditions, which would explain at the time there was more info on Simon than on Jesus.

Think about this for a moment: I don’t care if you lived 3,000 years ago or 300 years ago. If someone goes around raising people from the dead, walking on water, healing the deaf so they can hear and the blind so they can see, someone somewhere somehow would have mentioned it to a friend, neighbor, wife, son, daughter, grandfather, the local authorities, etc. It would have been the talk of the cave dwellers, the village, the town people, etc.

But no. Nothing was mentioned for over 40 years after these so-called miraculous miracles took place in a book called the Bible where miracles of miracles there are more witnesses after the fact than there are ants in an anthill.

Then, on the other hand, (as mentioned before) were these so-called miraculous miracles so miraculous after all. Or were they products of their time? They supposedly came from Jesus Christ who is none other than God in the flesh, which makes one wonder about what miraculous miracles he could have made, such as electricity, telephones, automobiles, airplanes, supermarkets, computers, refrigerators, and stoves—and didn’t. Why not? They are products of their time!

Oh, yes, while we’re on the subject of fabrication, let’s not forget that during the supposed life of Jesus Christ and prior there was no place called Nazareth. None! The name does not appear in the Old Testament.

Ivan Peter Kovak

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