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(442) “The coronavirus will make atheists out of all of U.S.”

(443) “Paganism created Christianity.”

(444) “There are lies and looney lies. One is Democratic the other Communistic.”

(445) “The coronavirus doesn’t discriminate between teachers or students.”

(446) “The abolishment of the death penalty is a travesty of justice.”

(447) “Without a vaccine—the coronavirus will decide America’s children’s future—not the CDC.”

(448) “America’s Constitution and Democracy allows people like Donald J. Trump to exist.”

(449) “It’s time for America to clean HOUSE. Acquittal is not an option it’s an OUTRAGE!”

(450) “What Joe Biden is really saying about his Gun Legislation is—he wants to be a one-term president.”

(451) “Bye Bye Birdie debut in 1963. Bye Bye Joey will debut in 2024.”

(452) “Right or wrong—the voters will decide Donald J. Trump’s future.”

(453) “Recall elections need to be in place to protect all of U.S.”

(454) “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez greatness is only impeded by those who can’t see it or understand it.”

(457) “Will the real Mitch McConnell please stand up.”

(458) “We need recall elections to make America great again!”

(459) “The quality of our leadership is the quality of U.S.”

(460) “I’m an atheist praying nothing happens to Pres. Joe Biden.”

(461) “U.S. Attorney General Garland claims that there is more room for anti-gun policies. There is also more room for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities.”

(462) “It’s been said one cannot rewrite the U.S. Constitution. If we don’t all of U.S. are doomed!”

(463) “In God We Trust.” Really?”

(464) “Democracy allows its own enemies to exist—both foreign & domestic.”

(465) “On March 6, 2021, two months after the Capitol insurrection the Republican Senators voted overwhelmingly—no to a stimulus package to aid the American people in their hour of need. All of U.S. need to remember this at the Ballot Box during their hour of need.”

(466) “Hypocritical bias is when one can vote to confirm Jeff Sessions—but not Deb Haaland (a native American) trying to become the first woman Interior Secretary.”

(467) “Ending security around the U.S. Capitol is a insurrectionist dream!”

(468) “Christianity uses fictional characters and stories to raise money for their devilish deeds.”

(469) “According to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) going to Cancun was a mistake. Most Texians feel—coming back was!”

(470) “Mitch McConnell voted no during Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial because of the Constitutionality of Trump no longer being president. But the fact is it was Constitutional based on the fact it was an alleged crime committed while he was president and not as a private citizen.”

(471) “Wouldn’t it be ironic if Mike Pence runs for president in 2024 and wins!”  

(472) “Paganism’s footprints are all over Christianity.”

(473). “Joe—finishing the wall controls the chaos and gives orderly meaning to your immigration policies and hope to those looking for a better life.”

(474) “Student loan forgiveness should only be obtained after the student has become the teacher to someone in need.”

(475) “According to Christianity God gave every man, woman, and child, free will to decide between right or wrong. What happens to the free will of a child being sexually abused by the free will of an adult?”

(476) “Criminal acts under free speech is not democracy. It’s authoritarianism.”

(477) “Justice is in the eye of the beholder in need of a brain surgeon.”

(478) “In the Bible God repeatedly finds a hero to save His Israelites, no matter what they have done. In there lies the falsehoods of the Bible, Christianity, and prayer.”

(479) “The needs of the American people should come before the needs of all politicians. Period!”

(480) “I’m an atheist still praying for the health and well-being of Pres. Joe Biden. The alternatives are disastrous!”

(481) “The power of the people can only be recognized by the removal of the Electoral College.”

(482) “Churches & democracy have a lot in common—they give sanctuary to mental illness.”

(483) “The word coach is synonymous with sports—any other use is demeaning.”

(484) “The burden of the American people are many. A failed immigration policy should not be one of them.”

(485) “Religion gives a false positive that doesn’t exist.”

(486) “Someone needs to remind Georgia that this is not 1821 but 2021.”

(487) “To understand Donald J. Trump—one must first understand Roy Cohn.”

(488) “The essence of faith should be in seeing—for in seeing is proof positive God exists.”

(489) “Some woman felt Joe Biden was the kissing bandit, but most felt empowered by him not intimidated.”

(490) “Without accountability – Democracy is useless.”

(491) “The Bible with all its window dressings was created by the Jews for the Jews in competition with other gods and their religions.”

(492) “The Bible uses narratives that don’t exist as proof positives.”

(493) “Georgia’s voting laws are blatantly unconstitutional and border on criminal intent.”

(494) “Proof Moses ever existed doesn’t exist.”

(495) “In Dec 2019 three U.S. Sailors were killed by Saudi gunmen due to Apple’s  ideology. It’s called accountability.”

(496) “Joe! Build the wall! Stop the insanity!”

(497) “The wants and needs of the American Household should come before Robocalls and Facebook.”

(498) “The U.S. Supreme Court cannot make rulings to suit everyone. But 6 billion Robocalls a month!”

(499) “Mental illness is synonymous with mass shootings.”

(500) “While we feed the world—Americans are waiting in food lines.”

(501) “Our current immigration policies are costing US $200 Billion a year!”

(502) “Believing in one God that doesn’t exist is better than believing in many gods that don’t exist.”

(503) “The NFL sold the rights to Thursday night football to Amazon Prime starting in 2022. Who do the poor people of America have to thank for this?”

(504) “Looney lies are another reason for recall elections.”

Ivan Peter Kovak

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