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(920) “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my friends and foes alike.”

(921) “Most politicians will lie to get in office and lie to stay in office.”

(922) “Rumor has it, that Pres. Biden will ask VP Harris to resign and name Sect. Pete Buttigieg as his VP. Then, within 3 months, resign, opening the door for Democratic hopeful President Buttigieg in 2024.”

(923) “DNA: should be the rule of law.”

(924) “The problem with America’s immigration policy is that Biden, Harris, and illegal aliens want open borders. The rest of US don’t!”

(925) “Please, have a Safe & Happy New Year.

(926) “The origins of Religion; is ignorance.”

(927) “Political Suicide is when one messes with one’s Medicare and Social Security!”

(928) “This classified document issue reminds me of the word, analogy; similarities between things that are unlike; one’s a traitor, one is not.”

(929) “I would love to have the movie rights to the 118th Congress. It’s going to be a classic comedy and horror show.”

(930) “How did Biden’s classified documents get into an empty office, to begin with? Could this be Watergate Two Scene Two? It sounds too good to be a coincidence.”

(931) “Denver Broncos: Eric Bieniemy!”

(932) “Las Vegas Raiders: Defense-Defense-Defense!”

(933) “(R-Calif) Kevin McCarthy’s agenda is Trumpism.”

(934) “There is no such thing as a simple traffic stop!”

(935) “We need to do more to protect our children, from mental illness; when God has left the building.”

(936) “What doesn’t exist in the political arena? Coincidence.”

(937) “Constitutional 101: Social Security was set up for the well-being of the American people; not for the well-being of the federal government.”

(938) “The Pelosi Act will help restore integrity to the U.S. Congressmen and women; who have none.”

(939) “Non-Citizens being allowed to vote in state elections is unconstitutional due to the sanctity of American Democracy. After all, this could be looked upon as a ploy to receive more funding for said states.”

(940) “To place this man back in the White House; would be the death of all of US!”

(941) “Those who claim he was a great president; need to see a great psychiatrist.”

(942) “Whoopi Goldberg?”

(943) “The existence of God, won’t be found in the heart & souls of sexually abused children.”

(944) “One does not hire a head coach in the NFL who won only 4 games as their offensive coordinator, without alternative motives! Gee, I wonder what team did that? Let’s play dumb and not mention Aaron Rogers or the Jets.”

(945) “Joe Biden = Condoleezza Rice: it’s a bipartisan move for the angels. At the end of the day; it’s all about winning.”

(946) “The problem with US; we have a soul; China and Russia don’t!”

(947) “For the 2024 election: (Thomas Jefferson) ‘It is always better to have no ideas than false ones, to believe nothing than to believe what is wrong.’ Vote Democratic.

(948) “Marjorie Taylor Green is a loose cannon that needs to be diffused.”

(949) “Those who wish to do away with our Constitution for their well-being; should be placed in a mental institution for our well-being.”

(950) “A President can’t get rid of our Constitution; but our Constitution can get rid of a President.”

(951) “One who would cheat at golf, should be placed in the outhouse; not the White House.”

(952) “Finding someone to pass this competency test; would be the hardest!”

(953) “Extending voting rights to non-citizens cast a shadow on the sanctity of being an American.”

(954) “Christians believe in the Holy Spirit; Atheists believe in the Human Spirit.”

(955) “The four justices of the SCOTUS who went rogue during Pres. Biden’s SOTU Address should be held accountable for their actions. This is just another example of why the Supreme Court needs an overhaul that consists, of term limits, age limits, accountability, oversights, and an extension of its membership.”

(956) “Higher egg prices aren’t due to bird flu; it’s due to bird brains!”

(957) “… He saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion (Rom. 9:15). God is supposedly merciful to all. Humanity will pick and choose!”

(958) “Fixing the student debt without fixing the high cost of an education; is downright; asinine!”

(959) “It’s not about making America Great Again; it’s all about him, not US!”

(960) “Intrusions is not a gun control issue, it’s a Constitutional issue upon our right to protect our loved ones from harm.”

(961) “Religion is nothing more than a false security blanket!”

(962) “Mexico*&^%$#$%^&*!!!!!!”

(963) “Those who threaten US from within; are going to need a bigger boat!”

(964) “Ending gun violence without empowering the criminals; is a magic act waiting to happen.”

(965) “Those who believe God is watching; need to see an eye specialist.”

(966) “Friday, June 24, 2022, is one of the darkest days in American history.”

(967) “At the end of the day, (Sen. R-KY) Mitch McConnell should get a medal for his walk amongst the tombstones in defiance of mental illness.”

(968) “Will the real Mike Pence please stand up!”

(969) “When it’s all said and done; China’s main goal is Taiwan. Everything else is supported by that goal.”

(970) “Someone needs to tell God, to turn on His hearing aid.”

(971) “Angela Bassett ? Michael B. Jordon? Jonathan Majors?”

(972) “His past and current seditious behavior show he doesn’t belong in the White House; but the nut house.”

(973) “Those who support such seditious behavior; should be accessories to the fact of what may occur due to his actions, deeds, and words, which allow him to function as an abnormal politician and human being.”

(974) “He must suffer from a rare disease called Sadomasochism?”

(975) “If he is the poster child for Christianity; I now understand why I’m an Atheist.”

(976) “FINALLY!!!!!”

(977) “With all due respect Sen. Graham, the Constitution gives certain powers to the federal government and leaves other powers to the states. The only one who could pardon him; is the Governor of New York. I don’t know what it is, but something tells me she isn’t going to do that!”

(978) He claims 74 million Americans voted for him in 2016. Remember, 249 million American voters; did not!”

(979) “If he were ever elected president again; what Putin is doing now; is child’s play.”

(980) “Those who put their big boy pants on today; won’t have to put their dress on tomorrow.”

(981) “I’m all for a billionaire taking over America; as long as it’s a mental institution!”

(982) “Christianity wants to protect the unborn child, but at the same time, they have a history of abusing children for their pleasure?”

(983) “The U.S. Constitution gives the right to every American to peacefully demonstrate; but not the right to try and overthrow the government!”

(984) “It should be the 9th wonder of the world; how did he ever become president in the first place!”

(985) “Bubba is waiting patiently at Rikers Island.”

(986) “Christianity isn’t the answer to America’s problems. It is the problem!”

(987) “In the American 2024 General Election; the world will be holding its breath.”

(988) “Instead of trying to understand our American Constitution through Originalism; maybe we should just modernize it; for the sake of all of US!”

(989) “I stand with (NY-D-Rep) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Impeach Him!”

(990) “He’s the most hated man in the world, behind Putin; and no, it’s not Justice Clarence Thomas.”

(991) “Metaphysical under the identity and change should not circumvent sports to satisfy the wants and needs of the few over the many.”

(992) “Our Democracy is fragile. Failure is not an option.”

(993) “He belongs in the Big House, not the White House!”

(994) “He is far from perfect but in this place and time, he’s perfect for US. Vote Democratic!”

(995) “AI is here to stay; it behooves US to adopt, accordingly. Before it’s too late.”

(996) “Christians who have something to hide, pray to God. Those who are guilty, hire lawyers.”

(997) “Political extremism in America will be the death of Democracy.”

(998) “Mental illness rules America.”

(999) “Joe Biden’s Legacy to Us and the World; Will be Kamala Harris.”

(1000) “Racism, civil rights, and mental illness; is a two-way street!”

(1001) “Title 42 works! Anything else is a disaster!”

(1002) “Can a Supreme Court Justice be impeached?”

(1003) “For the sake of all of US; he’ll look great in pinstripes.”

(1004) “National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional!”

(1005) “Forget China & Russia; if he wins the 2024 General Election; all of US are effing doomed. Vote Democratic!”

(1006) “Due to the out-of-control gun violence across America, along with the mass shootings; maybe it’s time to set up specialty Gun Courts in every State with a mandate of zero-policy. It’s time to guarantee; parents get to see their children graduate!”

(1007) “The U.S. Congress needs to cut back on foreign aid, not domestic aid. After all; it’s hard to vote on an empty stomach.”

(1008) “Politicians and Religion have much in common, those who believe can’t see the light; even if the sun is shining.

(1009) “Registering non-citizens to vote; is a slap in the face to all of US!”

(1010) “Christianity is morally wrong for humanity.”

(1011) “If Rudy Giuliani goes to court; Donald J. Trump does not go to the White House.”

(1012) “Vladimir Putin is his role model.”

(1013) “If We Don’t Embrace AI; Our Enemies Will!”

(1014) “It doesn’t take a degree from MIT; to realize who leaked Roe v. Wade.”

(1015) “We honor the Pope; while his people continue to dishonor our children. Viva La France!”

(1016) “We need a Debt Ceiling Act to add the Executive Branch and its employees to the list of people who don’t get paid; if America defaults!”

(1017) “If America defaults on its debt; it’s a ploy by Trumpism! Vote Blue!

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