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(490) “Without accountability – Democracy is useless.”

(491) “The Bible with all its window dressings was created by the Jews for the Jews in competition with other gods and their religions.”

(492) “The Bible uses narratives that don’t exist as proof positives.”

(493) “Georgia’s voting laws are blatantly unconstitutional and border on criminal intent.”

(494) “Proof Moses ever existed doesn’t exist.”

(495) “In Dec 2019 three U.S. Sailors were killed by Saudi gunmen due to Apple’s ideology. It’s called accountability.”

(496) “Joe! Build the wall! Stop the insanity!”

(497) “The wants and needs of the American Household should come before Robocalls and Facebook.”

(498) “The U.S. Supreme Court cannot make rulings to suit everyone. But 6 billion Robocalls a month!”

(499) “Mental illness is synonymous with mass shootings.”

(500) “While we feed the world—Americans are waiting in food lines.”

(501) “Our current immigration policies are costing US $200 Billion a year!”

(502) “Believing in one God that doesn’t exist is better than believing in many gods that don’t exist.”

(503) “The NFL sold the rights to Thursday night football to Amazon Prime starting in 2022. Who do the poor people of America have to thank for this?”

(504) “Looney lies are another reason for recall elections.”

(505) “It’s about time for America to rid itself of its political parties for the good of  the country and its people.”

(506) “The mindset of God is the mindset of man.”

(507) “Women should not have to pay the price for Johnson & Johnson’s approval.”

(508) “Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) just might be the smartest guy in the room.”

(509) “So you want to defund the police? Be careful what you wish for.”

(510) “Christianity is the crime of humanity and the shame of America.”

(511) “Those who place God before the coronavirus need to read Is. 45:7”

(512) “Joe Biden’s proposed gun legislation will make criminals out of all of U.S.”

(513) “Without prayers—Christianity doesn’t exist.”

(514) “Democrats want to stuff the courts for their advantage. Republicans want to change the voting laws to their advantage. America should rid itself of both parties for our advantage.”

(515) “It has been said, one cannot rewrite the Constitution. If we don’t—all of U.S. are doomed!”

(516) “In God We Trust. That’s the start of mental illness.”

(517) “Trumpism may rule the GOP, but the voters rule the ballot box.”

(518) “My wife and I are about to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary. We have what money can’t buy.”

(519) “How does a perfect God create an imperfect world?”

(520) “Building a wall around the U.S. Capitol makes sense. Not building a wall (for the same reasons) along the Mexican border makes no sense.”

(521) “Mental illness is the number one disease in the WORLD!”

(522) “Politicians love to take advantage of what’s politically fashionable whether it’s politically correct or not.”

(523) “There’s an expiration date for everyone regardless if you’re an atheist or Christian.”

(524) “Bias could be a reason why DA’s need to excuse themselves from deadly police shootings in their districts.”

(525) “Democracy opens the door to one’s success at any means.”

(526) “I vote Republican not because I believe in the candidate but because I believe in the 2nd Amendment!”

(527) “Freedom of speech is one thing. Inciting violence to influence justice is another.”

(528) “The beginning of wisdom is when someone reads the Bible and becomes an atheist.”

(529) “Criminal activities place one in precarious situations where death could occur.”

(530) “What happens to a child under 12 years of age—ordered back to school unvaccinated?”

(531) “Stacey Adams is a democratic force to be reckoned with.”

(532) “Those who believe in gun control are out of control.”

(533) “The voters know what happened on January 6, 2021.”

(534) “Christianity was born out of ignorance.”

(535) “Not getting vaccinated is not democracy—it’s stupid!”

(536) “Love makes someone endure all things impossible.”

(537) “One cannot hack pen and paper.”

(538) “Ransomware is an act-of-war!”

(539) “The Holy Trinity was created to give meaning to Catholicism.”

(540) “When you defund the police, you leave society defenseless.”

(541) “The philosophy of religion starts by understanding mythology.”

(542) “Joe -if you ignore North Korea, it won’t ignore U.S.”

(543) “Nikola Tesla’s ultimate failure was due to the greed of others.”

(544) “The Bible is written in 1,500 languages and they still can’t get it right!”

(545) “The equation for America’s free enterprise system = Greed.”

(546) “Sending children back to school at any age unvaccinated is a recipe for disaster!”

(547) “GOP voting rights legislation promotes dictatorship.”

(548) “Christianity is very much like Polytheism—one gives honor to a god for a favor ask for.”

(549) “Leaving Afghanistan—will come back to haunt U.S.”

(550) “Obama is a Constitutional lawyer by trade and should have known DACA would have been Unconstitutional.”

(551) “Unconstitutional is when the Supreme Court upholds voter suppression laws.”

(552) “Christians came by way of Judaism which came by way of Hebrew Myths.”

(553) “Legal technicalities should not free one from the crime itself.”

(554) “The world and the American voters don’t respond to weakness.”

(555) “God is a figment of man’s imagination.”

Ivan Peter Kovak

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