IPK – Quotes

(555) “God is a figment of man’s imagination.”

(556) “Joe Biden is one thing Kamala Harris is another.”

(557) “Party affiliations hinder the success of democracy.”

(558) “The Bible is a form of Jewish literature.”

(559) “Mental illness is literally—killing US!”

(560) “The belief in God and not the coronavirus is a deadly combination.”

(561) “The perfect democracy is keeping mental illness in check.”

(562) “Christian bias allows the existence of Jesus when in fact there is no evidence.”

(563) “Vladimir Putin is the role model for Donald J. Trump.”

(564) “As of August 5, 2021, over 90% of hospital patients infected with the virus we’re unvaccinated.”

(565) “Mythology gave way to the oral tradition which gave way to the Gospel.”

(566) “Not having mask mandates in schools is suicide.”

(567) “It’s obvious (R-Fla-Gov) Ron DeSantis wants to be Donald J. Trump’s running mate with (R-Tx-Gov) Greg Abbott close behind.”

(568) “Tithing allows mental illness to spread across the globe—unchecked.”

(569) “Democracy allows one to choose between getting vaccinated or not! How’s that working out for US?”

(570) “Bill Belichick claims that Peyton Manning is the best QB he’s ever coached against, really? Maybe he’ll change his mind after October 3, 2021.”

(571) “The corrosion of Christianity occurs when cognitive dissonance enters the subject matter.”

(572) “If Asia and Europe acted like Afghanistan during WW11, all of US would be speaking German and Japanese.”

(573) “Akamai is a good example one does not place all your eggs in one basket when it comes to the internet.”

(574) “NFL stars who don’t get vaccinated aren’t superstars their super spreaders.”

(575) “It’s not through the grace of God that Christianity continues, it’s through the grace of donations.”     

(576) “If America had done the unthinkable in the beginning, people would be trying to get out of Afghanistan’s parking lot and not the airport.”

(577) “Obviously, Joe didn’t read the memo on the evacuation of Vietnam.”

(578) “Mr. President, it’s time to put your big boy pants on! Eleven Marines and three other servicemen died today at Kabul airport (8/26/2021).”

(579) “The Atheist Creed is that Christianity is a product of its time, not ours.”

(580) “Thecla (Paul’s follower) was a role model for all Christians & atheists women alike.”

(581) “Religious Theocracy within American politics is a cancer of failure.”

(582) “Students with student debt should be used for educational shortages.”

(583) “Religious statues used in Christian Churches are a carryover of paganism.” Ex. 20: 4-5

(584) “Evil is the constant temptation of all politicians. Recall elections are the antidote.”

(585) “All Christian schools and institutions are brainwashing tools for Christianity.”  

(586) “It will be another two years (as of Sept 2021) before the poor nations of the world can vaccinate their people.”

(587) “Christianity’s Triumphalism (created by Constantine) continues to this day 1,708 years later.”

(588) “Now would be a good time to increase the U.S. Supreme Court from 9 to 11.”

(589) “Paganism influenced the establishment of Christianity.”

(590) “Pres. Biden went to New Orleans and spoke to the victims of hurricane IDA from cue cards. Mr. President, speak from the heart!”

(591) “Where is Trump?”

(592) “Whom shall we hold accountable for the ‘no mask mandate policies’ and the deaths therein?”

(593) “Christian Philosophy stems from the mindset of humanity that dates back thousands of years.”

(594) “Those who wish Pres. Joe Biden to resign should be careful what they wish for.”

(595) “The oneness of a God comes into question with Christology.”

(596) “A father-son routine was the recipe for the establishment of early religions in mythology.”

(597) “The coronavirus Delta Variance owes its success to the unvaccinated.”

(598) “Christianity was created when humanity was in its infancy.”

(599) “Guilty until proven innocent should be the new norm in American Justice.”

(600) “The icons within Christianity’s institutions give way to its ignorance of the Ten Commandments.”

(601) “American Democracy allows evil to prosper and flourish within our society.”

(602) “The Holy Trinity was created to bring chaos to Catholicism.”

(603) “Delusional aspects of Christian leadership come from their relationship with imaginary beings from a book called the Bible.”

(604) “Rumor has it that VP-Kamala Harris has a better approval rating than Pres. Biden. Rumor also has it that there’s a shortage of Psychiatrists in America.”

(605) “Unvaccinated teachers from anywhere should never be allowed in a classroom full of children. That’s asinine!”  

(606) “Does your mom, dad, and grandparents, have Dental, Hearing, and Vision?”

(608) “The coronavirus lives under freedom of choice.”

(609) “Apokatastasis: All things are from and within God. Then why are children being abused for the pleasure of others?”

(610) “Reconciliation is just another excuse by Congress to throw senior citizens under the bus. Again!”

(611) “Under transubstantiation, Christianity changes what is to what is not.”

(612) “Recall elections are the answer to accountability in politics.”

(613) “Archaeologists discovered a 2700-year-old toilet in Jerusalem but have yet to discover the bones of those in the Bible who used it.”

(614) “Maybe it’s time for US to save what we have  before spending trillions on what we don’t have?”

(615) “Before computers, 3 meals a day and a bed to sleep in drew more clergy to Christianity than its ideology.”

(616) “This pandemic has exposed US to our ‘free enterprise’ system of GREED.”

(617) “Those who study the Bible for truth, end up living a lie.”

(618) “The imperfections of democracy make senior citizens priceless.”

(619) “Christianity owes its survival to political situations, not religious situations.”

(620) “As the cost-of-living raises Pres. Biden’s approval rating goes down and Trump’s goes up.”

Ivan Peter Kovak


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