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(655) “Christianity believes in science as long as it gives credence to God’s plan.”

(656) “Religious favoritism in local, state, and the federal government, should be Un-Constitutional.”

(657) “America’s failed policies in Afghanistan, is just the beginning.”

(658) “Due to the failures therein, America needs to place an age limit on the Presidency  at 75.”

(659) “Christianity is an ill rational thought process into mythomania.”

(660) “America’s foreign policy for 2022 is collateral damage.”

(661) “Jesus Christ may not have existed, but his morals do.”

(662) “The complexities of nature give the reasoning for a deity. The abuse of children for one’s pleasure gives the reasoning for atheism.”

(663) “Capitalism helped form the structure of modern-day Christianity.”

(664) “Many people across America have lost everything due to wildfires, and tornadoes in recent weeks. They don’t need promises! They need a roof over their heads, a bed to sleep in, and food in their bellies. Now! Not next week!”

(665) “Christianity and Mormonism were both born out of myths of grandeur, like most Religions.”

(666) “Due to their devilish deeds and the falsehoods therein; Christianity’s ideology should not be taught to children until their adults.”

(667) “Those who choose not to get vaccinated, endanger the lives of all of US.”

(668) “To my foes, and my friends, and my so-so’s, Happy New Year!”

(669) “The Bible has outsold every book known to mankind. It’s also the most shoplifted book known to mankind.”

(670) “The mid-term elections are just over the horizon. So is the cost-of-living index for 2022.”

(671) “For one’s prayer to be answered; someone has to be listening.”

(672) “Kamala Harris claims the media mistreat her. Madam Vice-President, just hire a history professor. You’ll be fine.”

(673) “All Religions are products of their time, constantly adapting to the will of their environment to survive.”

(674) “The well-being of the American people should come before the well-being of its Constitution.”

(675) “The coronavirus has proven far superior to all religions in all its forms.”

(676) “Money should not be used as a tool to become President of the United States.”

(677) “Unvaccinated children should never be allowed in the classroom. That’s just common sense.”

(678) “The Kingdom of God is in the minds of believers and between the pages of mythology.”

(679) “The structure of America’s Constitution and Democracy, helped facilitate January 6, 2021, insurrection.”

(680) “No means No! Thank you, Australia!”

(681) “The coronavirus is leveling the playing field in America.”

(682) “That what I hate I do. That what I love, I do not.”

(683) “The complexities of our bodies call for a deity, but our minds give way to the devil.”

(684) “The imperfections of American Democracy can be seen on the local news, seven days a week.”

(685) “One and done! Is tied to the cost-of-living index.”

(686) “Brian Flores is a brilliant coach, but his analysis of slavery doesn’t add up. Everything else, just might.”

(687) “The Olympics should not be used for politicizing one’s grievance but embracing the moment.”

(688) “The only chance the GOP has of winning in 2024 is by letting go of the old and letting in the new.”

(689) “The President  needs to stop grandstanding his Supreme Court nominee and save US from the cost-of-living index!”

(690) “The history of Christianity is a mousetrap for both Christians and atheists alike.”

(691) “The Democrats need to embrace the present (cost-of-living), or they have no future.”

(692) “The reason for religion is understandable, the belief in them is not.”

(693) “The ideal society is non-religious. The French learned this in the 1790s, and Canada is learning this in 2022.”

(694) “A near-perfect democracy includes recall elections, age limitations and term limits on all elected officials.”

(695) “Christianity and politics make for devilish deeds.”

(696) “Hollywood has done more to promote Christianity than any other entity.”

(697) “Politicians need to stop being who they are and be who they want to be.”

(698) “Most Religions were born out of ignorance, misery, and despair.”

(699) “The benefit of Christianity is mass hysteria!”

(700) “Those who believe that Christianity is the answer to America’s problems are the problem.”

(701) “Immoral Religions call for secularization.”

(702) “One does not need a degree from Harvard to realize Russia and China are coming, and they’re not bearing gifts.”

(703) “The physicality of God is man-made.”

(704) “The standard-bearer for the GOP could still win the White House even from a jail cell. It’s not unconstitutional.”

(705) “The only Devil within Christianity is mental illness.”

(706) “Doing away with mask mandates should come with accountability.”

(707) “Maybe the answer to America’s economic woes is Keynesianism?”

(708) “Religious objections to being vaccinated is a death sentence waiting to happen.”

(709) “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996) should be a must-read for all present and future politicians.”

(710) “Christianity likens to hitting the lottery but waking up poor.”

(711) “The 2022 mid-term elections are coming, and people must walk to work, and when they get home, they have nothing to eat!”

(712) “Paganism was a bridge to Christianity.”

(713) “Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, was once known as the Jerusalem of the East.”

(714) “The well-being of the American people must come above all.”

(715) “China has more moves than a kangaroo!”

(716) “All religions are like a security camera unplugged.”

(717) “America used to make 37% of the world’s semiconductors. Now they only make 12%. Now we have a shortage?”

(718) “Confessions are a tool used by Catholicism for control.”

(719) “The well-being of the American people must come above all.”

(720) “It is He that sitteth upon The Circle of the Earth.” (Isaiah 40:22)

(721) “June 11, 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that violent video games did not influence children?”

(722) “Christian literature is based on Mayberry-ism.”

(723) “Justice Clarence Thomas should not be held accountable for his wife’s actions but under the circumstances, it is suspicious.”

(724) “Constantine’s conversion to Christianity in 313AD was seen as a credibility gap but Constantine himself was a syncretist at best.”

(725) “More U.S. Soldiers died from the Spanish Flu than were killed in combat.”

(726) “One denies the existence of UFOs because one cannot wrap their head around their capabilities.”

(727) “I don’t blame God for the millions of children sexually abused around the world on a daily basis, just the lack of one.”

(728) “Democracy isn’t perfect. It’s like a marriage, it takes a lot of compromises to get it right.”

(729) “The pagans had many gods; Christianity had many characters in support of one.”

(730) “Democracy works when you have accountability, without it you have absolute chaos.”

(731) “The goal of Christianity is for the masses to obey the Church and live in perfect submission to its will. Sounds like communism.”

(732) “Data control is the key to intelligence and power.”

(733) “Those who take the book of Genesis seriously, shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

(734) “Religious Biblical Archaeologists get lost within their beliefs that don’t exist.”

(735) “Rumor has it that the GOP came up with a plan for all Americans to pay an income tax regardless of who they may be. Really?”

(736) “In today’s world more people are carrying guns to Church than Bibles.”

(737) “The true meaning of China is the understanding of Badiucao.”

(738) “The true meaning of America is yet to be determined.”

(739) “Christianity and Pagan Religions are iconic in nature.”

(740) “It’s Title 42 or chaos.”

(741) “Christianity is the playground of Satan.”

(742) “Cybersecurity should be the most IMPORTANT issue facing US in 2022.”

(743) “94% of the known universe is out of reach for Homo Sapiens. How insignificant we truly are.”

(744) “It’s time for US to replace the motto In God We Trust with Trust No One!”

(745) “Can a Supreme Court Justice be impeached? Yes! Can his wife? No.”

(746) “If Roe v. Wade is overturned, Trump will take the credit, and the GOP will lose the White House. Again! 62% of American voters like Roe v. Wade. Be careful what you wish for!”

(747) “Overturning Roe v. Wade is not Democracy in action it’s Christianity in action.”

(748) “Joe, you need to put your big boy pants on and take control of an out of control Supreme Court by way of adding more justices, term limits, and accountability.”

(749) “During their confirmation hearings, both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch stated that Roe v. Wade was the law of the land. They Lied!”

(750) “Someone needs to remind the Supreme Court that this is America, not the Vatican.”

(751) “America used to be a nation of laws. Now, it’s a nation of nuts and the squirrels are running amok!”

(752) “A lie detector doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican.”

(753) “Mental illness is deadlier than cancer and the virus.”

(754) “America’s free-market enterprise system opens the door for price gouging across-the-board.”

(755) “The lies of the Church are more than any God can bear.”

(756) “The only people I know who are pure-of-heart when it comes to sex; are dead people.”

(757) “People who gas up their cars also VOTE!”

(758) “Justice Thomas stated that the Supreme Court won’t be intimidated. Neither will 66% of the American people.”

Ivan Peter Kovak


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