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(325) “Christianity makes more contradictions for those who don’t exist than for those who do exist.”

(326) “If one thinks Kamala Harris can be President—than vote Democratic. If not—do the unthinkable.”

(327) “And to the sports world: America can survive without you—but can you survive without US?”

(328) “Donald Trump has trouble finding Kansas City—Joe Biden has trouble finding himself!”

(329) “Christianity converted from paganism not Judaism.”

(330) “America’s free enterprise system need not be so free.”

(331) “Jerry Falwell Jr. is just another example of what’s wrong with religion.”

(332) “The more one studies Donald Trump the uglier it gets. The more one studies Joe Biden—the more bizarre it gets.”

(333) “If the 2020 general election has taught US anything it’s time to change our electoral process to an individual rule out of a majority of many.”

(334) “One’s interpretation of religion interprets one’s mentality.”

(335) “Divinity schools and Churches across America give credence to Jesus’s existence. Archaeologist don’t.”

(336) “The African Americans contribution to America—is priceless.”

(337) “Christianity’s well-being is promoted by Israel for its well-being.”

(338) “Simplicity makes life easier for everyone.”

(339) “The tokens of one’s deliverance is Atheism.”

(340) “Kamala Harris wants to do for America what she’s done to California?”

(341) “More people have died in obscurity—then lived in recognition.”

(342) “Trump has failed the last 4 years—Biden the last 47.”

(343) “God didn’t choose the Jewish people—they chose him.”

(344) “Ancient people shopped for god’s in the market place like we shop for food in a supermarket.”

(345) “Hollywood gives meaning to religion—where there is none.”

(346) “If you want Kamala Harris as your president than vote for Biden if not—vote for Trump. It’s that simple.”

(347) “No one’s Constitutional rights should come before the Security of U.S.”

(348) “People are flocking to the Biden-Harris Democratic ticket like a disease. Four years from now they’ll be looking for a cure.”

(349) “Christianity succeeds due to the ignorance of a few over the many.”

(350) “Happiness is priceless.”

(351) “If the elections of 2016 – 2020 has taught U.S. anything—it’s time to rid America of a two-party system in favor of individualism.”

(352) “Long before Christianity—paganism ruled 90% of the ancient world.”

(353) “It behooves Israel to keep religion alive—even though 90% of it is mythology.”

(354) “If the Democrats win the general election in November 2020. They’ll be more illegal aliens living in America—Than Americans!”

(355) “The presidential debate between Trump & Biden was an embarrassment for all of U.S.”

(356) “Ruth Bader Ginsburg—you are what America should be.”

(357) “Trump might not be right for America—but Joe Biden is all wrong.”

(358) “Using one’s zip code to determine one’s eligibility—is borderline racism.”

(359) “All stimulus packages—stimulate voters!”

(360) “America would be America without any political parties.”

(361) “The failures of America lies within Christianity.”

(362) “It took many gods—before one God.”

(363) “Joe Biden is a great armchair QB—that hasn’t been in the game for years.”

(364) “Christianity’s abuse of children in the name of God is legendary their downfall will be memorable.”

(365) “Pelosi’s hatred of Trump—is hurting U.S.”

(366) “Trump’s hatred of Pelosi is hurting California.”

(367) “Joe Biden will increase the supreme court from 9 to 11.”

(368) “Trump maybe a political experiment gone wrong—but Biden is a nightmare waiting to happen.”

(369) “Joe Biden’s gift to America is Kamala Harris.”

(370) “Pope Francis gives recognition to gays in the name of God—while the Devil runs rampant throughout the Church. 

(371) “Our Constitution should be a guideline not a mandate.”

(372) “U.S. politicians loyalty lies with their parties affiliation not with their constituents.”

(373) “If the democrats win on November 3, 2020—all of U.S. lose.”

(374) “Pres. Trump may not show up for the inauguration if he loses the White House and the Senate.”

(375) “The quality of our leadership is the quality of America.”

(376) “Plausible deniability should be on the agenda of the 117 United States Congress in 2021.”

(377) “In the beginning one had to be Jewish in order to be a follower of Jesus.”

(378) “Joe Biden will not support NASA but does support illegal aliens.”

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