IPK – Quotes

(1080) “Homelessness is the failure of democracy.”

(1081) “The golf merger of the PGA and the Saudis is the embracement of terrorism.”

(1082) “Children are our future; teachers guarantee it.”

(1083) “He is running to stay out of jail. Even a ham sandwich knows that!”

(1084) “Due to Tuberville; we need to do more to address mental illness in America.”

(1085) The conspiracy orchestrated by individuals involved in Moore v. Harper, which tried to overturn the 2020 election and control the 2024 election, was stopped dead in its tracks by Chief Justice Roberts on June 27, 2023. No one has been held accountable to date.

(1086) “Is the DOJ a sleep-at-the-wheel over Moore v. Harper that was just as Treasonous as January 6, 2021?”

(1087) “It’s either Republican Fascism or Democracy.” Vote Blue!

(1088) “If the government shuts down, it’s because Trump told the GOP it’s Jack Smith or America!”

(1089) “When Trump farts; the Republican Party thinks it’s cologne!”

(1090) “If  a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and is moral, then it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.” D.D. Eisenhower

(1091) “This government shutdown benefits only one person – Donald J. Trump. Vote Blue!”

(1092) “All of US need to support the McCarty Shutdown Act that will end the Congress getting paid during shutdowns!”

(1093) “Trump claims to be Christian. Now I understand why atheism is on the rise.”

(1094) “Radical MAGA Republicans are in desperate need of a proctologist!”

(1095) “Insurance Companies should be held accountable for exiting the building; leaving their customers high and flooded!”

(1096) “They pass laws to protect our children, but give ‘Carte Blanche’ to Religious organizations.”

(1097) “Trumpism 3 is now available on Ivan P kovak.com

(1098) “he lied to bolster his self-worth – which is zero!”

(1099) “Mary L. Trump (with all due respect) knows the Truth!”

(1100) “Jim Jordan is a puppeteer for Trumpism!”

(1101) “Turn Gasa into a parking lot, in remembrance of our dead!”

(1102) “If Jim Jordan becomes Speaker of the House, it benefits Trump & his extremist; not US!”

(1103) “There are a lot of bad people in the world who are heroes for all the right reasons.”

(1104) “Now is the time for the Republicans to take back the Senate from the extremists and make America truly great again.”

(1105) “I now realize why lie detectors aren’t used in courtrooms for evidence; more people are better at lying than telling the truth.”

(1106) “If we don’t control AI, it will end up controlling US!”

(1107) “You do realize if you elected Jim Jordan Speaker of the House; America will be shut down from Nov 17, 2023, to Nov 17, 2026. Why? Because it benefits TRUMP!”

(1108) “Trump and Jordan are two extremists that are hazardous to America’s well-being.”

(1109) “Trumpism is behind all that is evil within the Republican Party!”

(1110) “The redundancy of the Bible is unconscionable to be that of a true God who would just utter the words that would be placed within one’s heart, mind, and soul for understanding to take place.”

(1111) “AI brings educational productivity to a whole new level.”

(1112) “On behalf of the American people (3 to 1) thank you to the Republican Senate for growing a pair!”

(1113) “Rep. Mike Johnson is an accident waiting to happen!”

(1114) “How did America get to this chaotic moment in history? Donald J. Trump!”

(1115) “Foreign enemies of America; shouldn’t be allowed to purchase American property. That is asinine and stupid!”

(1116) “If prayer were the answer – we all be lottery winners!”

(1117) “Mental illness is an excuse for religion, and religion is an excuse for mental illness.”

(1118) “George DeSantos is another reason to Vote Blue!”

(1119) “Christians claim that God appointed Mike Johnson Speaker of the House. Really! It’s obvious the voters of America didn’t get that memo.”

(1120) “Trump’s lawyers need to go back to Law School. False Statements are not Free Speech; but distractions to avoid the truth!”

(1121) “The Code-of-Ethics issued by the U.S. Supreme Court amounts to a Band-Aid on Niagara Falls!”

(1122) “Trumpism wants to do away with our Democracy and replace it with an authoritarian regime; with Donald J. Trump as its leader & Dictator. Vote Blue!”

(1123) “VP Kamala Harris is tooting her own horn. It ain’t helping!”

(1124) “The ignorance of the Bible lies between its believers and doubters.”

­­­­­­(1125) “Three Reasons to Vote Blue! Trump, Trump, and Trump!”

(1126) “America’s passive behavior towards our enemies empowers them to suicidal extinction!”

(1127) “Those GOP politicians who support Trump’s tantrums; do so for job security.”

(1128) “Nikkie Haley is a breath of fresh air!”

(1129) “Those who show compassion for our enemies; should take a walk amongst our Tombstones!”

(1130) ‘Remember in November: Roe v. Wade. Vote Blue!”

(1131) “13-0 is not 12 & 1: I Stand With Florida State!”

(1132) “It’s time for the Supreme Court to save America’s Democracy from the lies within!”

(1133) “Trumpism is the GOP trying to impeach Pres. Biden!”

(1134) “Pres. Joe Biden might not be perfect, but the alternatives are disastrous!”

(1135) “ Nikki Haley claims that keeping Trump off the ballot is not democracy. Having Trump as our President isn’t democracy either!”

(1136) “Asinine is selling U.S. reserve oil to foreign countries who then turn around and sell it to China!”

(1137) “Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to my friends and foes alike!”

(1138) “This Constitutional Election Integrity Act by (R-Tillis NC) is not only unconstitutional, but it spits in the face of State’s Constitutional Sovereignties guaranteed by the Constitution. It sounds like a ploy for a dictator nobody wants!”

(1139) “The U.S. Supreme Court holds the future of America in their hands. Please don’t let US down!”

(1140) “The more one studies; the more one realizes how much they don’t know.”

(1141) “He tries to persuade the Supreme Court ruling with words. It’s time for the Supreme Court to remind him this is America, not Russia!”

(1142) “The reason Social Security isn’t solvent is because Congress never returned the 2.6 Trillion they took!”

(1143) “This wannabe dictator integrity is zero. His innuendoes and lies are countless. Vote Blue!”

(1144) “It’s not about Executive Privilege. It’s about those who circumvent its privilege.”

(1145) “They challenge the rule of law with lies to appease Trumpism.”

(1146) “It’s a foregone conclusion; China will make a play on Taiwan soon!”

(1147) “”The fact that God allows children to be abused by the Free-Will of adults adds to the mystery of his existence.”

(1148) “The Supreme Court should be more concerned about the chaos; if he is elected!”

(1149) “Remember in November! Roe v. Wade! Vote Blue!

(1150) “His rhetoric speaks volumes; the 14th Amendment is the closure. Dump the Trump!”

(1151) “Dump him before he dumps US!”

(1152) “People say putting Trump in prison might cause a civil war. Putting him back in the White House; definitely would!”

(1153) “Want to ‘fix DC? Make Term Limits Mandatory!”

(1154) “The GOP has control of the Senate, and Trump has control of them! Vote Blue!”

(1155) “The American people want a President; not a Dictator!”

(1156) “Maybe we should start treating people who want to be President like we do doctors and lawyers. Hold doctorate degrees in political science and history (both foreign and domestic) to start.”

(1157) “He’s a bigger threat to US Than China!”

(1158) “30,573 and counting!

(1159) “Remember in November: Roe v. Wade! Vote Blue!”

(1160) “Warning: There are more woman voters in America than men since 1946!”

(1161) “I stand with Laurence Tribe!”

(1162) “In January 2024, 178 Republicans in Congress called on the Supreme Court to keep Trump on State Election Ballots. In the meantime, 260 million Americans want a President, not a Dictator!” Vote Blue!

(1163) “God bless the Appeals Court, and I’m an Atheist!”

(1164) “The GOP reminds me of mice and men, and the mice are winning!”

(1165) “Judge Aileen Cannon should be held as an accessory to the fact for her continued bias in her rulings for a wannabe Dictator!”

(1166) “Supremacy Clause established that the Federal Constitution and Federal Law generally take precedence over State Laws and every State Constitution. Meaning, this ain’t over yet!

(1167) “The Bible and the GOP are analogies. Both have a Moses, and both serve Gods that don’t exist!”

(1168) “If Trump is re-elected, the SCOTUS will be out of a job!”

(1169) “The GOP had a chance to shut down the rhetoric of Evangelicals in 2011; they said they couldn’t find anything wrong! Five years later, they said the same thing about Trump!”

(1170) “DNA should be the rule of Law!”

(1171) “The Senate is the watchdogs of American Democracy controlled by Trumpism & Moses!” Vote Blue!

(1172) “Before he starts WW3, someone needs to remind Putin, GOP, by by Tucker, and the SCOTUS that Trump is not the President; Biden is!”

(1173) “Donald J. Trump doesn’t play by the rules; it’s Trumpism v. America!” Vote Blue!”

(1174) “The answer to Trump’s VP pick is Elon Musk. Everyone else is just pissing nickels!”

(1175) “Churches remind me of casinos; people go in with high hopes of finding relief from their misery; and come out empty-handed.”

(1176) “All the lies, disrespect, hate, bullying, threats, discord, Trumpism, started when he came down the escalators!”

(1177) “Trumpism: is the political outlook of the world and everything in it as   Trump sees it!” Vote Blue!

(1178) “The recent removal of Judge Robert K. Adrian; should be a wake-up call for Judge Aileen Cannon!”

(1179) “The discord of America is because of one man!” Vote Blue!

(1180) “Donald J. Trump’s next book should be – The Art of the Steal!”

(1181) “I’m going to step out of character: If Trump wants Elon Musk on the ticket, Elon Musk will be on the ticket. Period!”

(1182) “ Save America & the Republican Party! Vote Blue!”  

(1183) “False Statements are not Free Speech; but distractions to avoid the truth!”

(1184) “Conduct, Rule 1.2 (d) A lawyer shall not … assist a client … in conduct that the lawyer knows is criminal or fraudulent (2020 Election).”

(1185) “If Ukraine loses the war with Russia, that will facilitate World War Three.”  VOTE BLUE!

(1186) “It’s been said he’s running for office to stay out of Jail?” Vote Blue!

(1187) “He has spent over 76 million dollars (campaign funds) on legal fees in the past two years, and there is no end in sight!” Vote Blue!

(1188) “The only reason he wants absolute immunity is so he can have absolute control.”

(1189) “No U.S. President has ever had absolute immunity. Why? It’s called Checks & Balances.”

(1190) “If you grant him absolute immunity, you won’t be able to tell the difference between North America or North Korea!”

(1191) “He wants absolute immunity for all the wrong reasons!”

(1192) “The only thing he wants to make great again! Is himself! Vote Blue!”

(1193) “America’s weakness is why Trump cannot be trusted as President!”

(1194) “Trying to steal the 2020 election is not political speech! It’s a criminal act!”

(1195) “Absolute immunity for Trump would mean the absolute end of America as we know it!”

(1196) “His rhetoric alone makes him a candidate for the 14th Amendment!” Vote Blue!

(1197) “Using campaign funds to pay for one’s criminal activities should be unconstitutional, especially if one is found guilty. The question of accessories to the fact and after the fact could come into play.”

(1198) “If Trump is re-elected, there will be catastrophic demonstrations that would last for years!” Vote Blue!

(1199) “Everything he does is to benefit himself, not America.” Vote Blue!

(1200) “Politicians who want to get rid of guns obviously haven’t heard of home invasions!”

(1201) “The border problem did belong to Biden & Harris. Now it belongs to Trump, Moses & Friends!”

(1202) “The Equal Protection Clause: The laws of a state must treat an individual in the same manner as other people in similar conditions and circumstances. What happened to Trump?” Vote Blue!

(1203) “The Bible is an intimidation tool for Atheists and Christians alike!”

(1204) “Squatters’ Rights and no photo ID needed to vote opens the door for illegal aliens to walk right in. Asinine is the word!”

(1205) “Iran, Israel’s restraint is why you still exist today.”

(1206) “America’s future owes 1.7 trillion dollars in student debt. Maybe it’s time to lower the high cost of an education.”

(1207) “No one knows the burial places of most religious figures of the Bible. Why? Because you can bury a body, but not a myth!”

(1208) “Dead hostages will lead to a parking lot ideology.”

(1209) “Christian Nationalism and Trumpism is a match made in hell!”

(1210) “Criminalizing Homelessness is un-American!”

(1211) “Some states are feeding and providing shelter for illegal aliens while ignoring homeless Americans!”

(1212) “If we can spend Billions of dollars on foreign aid & student debt, we can afford to take care of America’s homeless!”

(1213) “We need to address mental illness inside and outside the political arena!”

(1214) “Complete immunity for any President is complete insanity!”

(1216) “VonShitzenpants wants to do away with our Constitution!

(1217) “One does not choose mental illness; it chooses them.”

(1218) “Here we go again. In 1982, the RNC was caught cheating using voter caging and placed on a Consent decree. Now, the RNC, under Co-Chair Lara Trump, claims that they will have people physically counting the ballots and have filed lawsuits across the nation challenging ballot counting after election day.”

(1219) “Trump wants to be America’s Dear Leader for life under an Authoritarian Regime. And he won’t take No for an answer.”

(1220) “He claims people want him to be a Dictator! Really? People in hell want ice water!” Vote for Joe, not the Psycho!”

(1221) “If Trump will stop at nothing to take our Democracy away, our military should do the same for US!”

(1222) “It’s official! The-die-is-cast. 18-year-old Barron will enter the Political Arena this summer.”

(1223) “The GOP leadership will sell their souls for a seat at the Table.”

(1224) “The ACLU will cease to exist if Trump is elected!”

(1225) “Joe (with the utmost respect): You’re on the wrong side of history when it comes to Israel!”

(1226) “In 1987, Trump started out as a Republican. He changed his affiliation at least five times after that. Now, he wants to be a Dictator!”

(1227) “Election Deniers should not be holding key positions in battle-ground states or any states during the 2024 General Election! Why? It is called Election Interference!”

(1228) “No matter what the cost! Mass shootings in our children’s schools must take top priority. Now! Tomorrow might be too late!”

(1229) “The guardians of our Constitution are wolves in sheep’s clothing!”

(1230) “Why would the Supreme Court give complete immunity to a cannoli dressed up in a tuxedo?”

(1231) “Public remarks are not private. There are official statements made to have an impact!”

(1232) “Complete immunity is unconstitutional. Both cannot coexist. Unless?”

(1233) “China and Russia have joined forces against US!”

(1234) Joe! More hostages keep showing up dead! Who’s side are you on?”

Ivan Peter Kovak


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