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(780) “The Republicans of Virginia voted yes to suspend the gas tax for 90 days; the Democrats said no!”

(781) “Our 2nd Amendment rights are important, but not as important as a child’s life.”

(782) “Gun control should be about saving children’s lives.”

(783) “Accountability is not spoken by Christianity or Democracy. Why? It doesn’t exist.”

(784) “The U.S. Supreme Court is another reason why we need to do away with lifetime appointees and install term limits on all federal employees.”

(785) “The overturning of Roe V. Wade isn’t democracy in action, it’s religious tyranny in action.”

(786) “Asking a Justice of the Supreme Court with 7 children to vote for abortion rights, is like asking Jesse James to vote for gun control.”

(787) “The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade on Friday, June 24, 2022, at 10:05 am. Now it’s time to overturn the Supreme Court. Vote Democratic!”

(788) “Women in North Korea have more rights than women of America!”

(789) “In one week, the U.S. Supreme Court enhances the possibility of another mass shooting in N.Y. Throws the American women under the bus by taking away their right to choose, and an approval rating of 25%!”

(790) “On Monday, June 27, 2022, the not-so Supreme Court made another bizarre ruling by siding with a high school football coach’s right to pray on the field after a game. This goes against all things holy and unholy, not to mention if prayers were legitimate; we all would hit the lottery!”

(791) “If America had a few atheists sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court; there be Separation of Church and State, and our children would be safe.”

(792) “The government has no business in religion, and religion has no business in government.”

(793) “Joe; you can start by opening Abortion Clinics on federal property.”

(794) “Trump was seen at a rally celebrating the overturning of Roe V. Wade. Let’s celebrate by going to the polls and dump the Trump and all things Republican!”

(795) “Democracy is about freedom of choice; something the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t understand!”

(796) “Mike Pence is calling for a National Abortion Ban. Let’s ban Mike Pence and all religious fanatics at the ballot box. Vote Democratic!”

(797) “# I Stand With Cassidy Hutchinson.”

(798) “Ignoring religious disputes; leads to ungodly acts.”

(799) “For the 13 states that won’t allow abortions even under the criminality of rape and incest, are hypocrites to their ideology.”

(800) “I’m confused? You’ll ban abortions, but not religious organizations who abuse children for their pleasure; in the name of God.”

(801) “U.S. Supreme Court services the Vatican; not US!”

(802) “Joe! Please stop selling our gas to foreign nations. Thank you!”

(803) “Is the rumor true that if the Republicans win in 2024, they want to do away with Social Security and Medicare?”

(804) “Abortions are now a state issue; just vote Democratic. Period!”

(805) “We need to get the Supreme Court out of the habit.”

(806) “If God is real; why are children dying in mass shootings?”

(807) “The alternatives to Joe Biden in 2024 are disastrous for US!”

(808) “Congress! Do something for US and pass the Price Gouging Prevention Act, Bill.”

(809) “Let’s thank the NFL for selling the rights to Thursday Night Football to Amazon; so, the rights of the American poor are ignored for the few over the many.”

(810) “The Army’s new assault rifle is now being sold in gun stores. Is this what they mean by meaningful gun-control laws?”

(811) “Today’s apologies, don’t cover up the two thousand years of abuse!”

(812) “Someone must explain to the United States Secret Service that US comes before him.”

(813) “The U.S. Supreme Court is not above the law nor is their lee ki teer.”

(814) “Student debt should be canceled after services render to those in need.”

(815) “Let’s give full credit for the overturning of Roe V. Wade to the Republican Party at the ballot box. Vote Democratic!”

(816) “Nancy, please, Americans need not have to die because of ‘Iron Curtain’ ideology. That dog doesn’t hunt!”

(817) “If God exists, he must be out playing golf.”

(818) “In 1791, the 5th Amendment was ratified to protect the US from threats from abroad. In 2022 we need to un-ratify the 5th to protect US from threats from within!”

(819) “For transparency, all individuals running for public office (locally or federally) should be administered a lie detector test (or truth serum) as part of the electoral process for the position they seek in American society.”

(820) “Alex Jones should be a wake-up call for the GOP!”

(821) “Nothing is not nothing; it’s something that originated from dark matter responsible for the big bang theory; that makes up 95% of our universe.”

(822) “The GOP tweeted last week that the Democrats in Washington are addicted to spending money. No more than Republicans are addicted to Donald Trump.”

(823) “The worst enemy for most politicians—is a mirror.”

(824) “America has become a shooting gallery due to Hollywood and video games.”

(825) “Mar-A-Lago: If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck—it’s a duck!”

(826) “When the truth is distorted—nothing is sacred!”

(827) “President Biden: Please don’t cancel the student debt until they pay it forward to those in need first.”

(828) “Most of the Senate Republicans’ are pollotarians.”

(829) “Using campaign donations to pay one’s legal fees should be unconstitutional!”

(830) “Everything out of this guy’s mouth is after the facts; due to his shenanigans.”

(831) “If we Americans in 2024 place the wrong person in the White House, we’ll end up in the Outhouse!”

(832) “Addressing student debt without addressing the high cost of education in America; is asinine.”

(833) “God’s political interest; is zero.”

(834) “Conflict of interest is when a political renegade petitions a judge he appointed, living within the self-same-state; for a favorable ruling.”

(835) “His words and deeds brand him a traitor to democracy and a danger to all of US.”

(836) “Freedom of choice is to vote Democratic; our very way of life depends on it!”

(837) “What happens in the 2024 general election if several Secretary of States within said states go rogue and refuse to certify the will of the people via the ballot box?”

(838) “Religion is a product of its environment.”

(839) “What the Republican Party needs are a room full of chiropractors and priests!”

(840) “Our Democracy and the American people will endure over those who shall not.”

(841) “In the meantime, American Democracy needs to grow a backbone.”

(842) “When a politician keeps threatening America with words of insurrection; America needs to implement Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.”

(843) “Please; just vote Democratic and put an end to this nightmare, for the sake of all of US!”

(844) “Student debt forgiveness will cost American taxpayers over 500 billion dollars.”

(845) “No child in America should ever go to bed hungry. 500 billion dollars would have prevented that.”

(845) “Gerrymandering; is just an excuse for the Democratic Party and the GOP to misbehave.”

(846) “Is saving Taiwan’s Democracy worth millions upon millions of American lives, not to mention World War 3? If the answer is yes; we need to start building more mental institutions.”

(847) “At one time, I was a Republican. Now I’m an atheist.

(848) “Joe! With all due respect, this is not the time to turn your back on US. Run, Forrest, Run!”

(849) “The Republican Party answers to Donald J. Trump. The Democratic Party answers to the American people.”

(850) “Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY): On behalf of a grateful nation; thank you!”

(851) “The U.S. Government and its subsidiaries have no business telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies in a Democracy.”

(852) “54% of the Democratic Party want to replace Joe Biden. And here I thought the GOP was keeping the drugs for themselves.”

(853) “One day, the world is going to wake up and realize that Christianity is the biggest hoax played on humanity.”

(854) “Don’t turn the White House into the Outhouse! Vote Democratic!”

Ivan Peter Kovak


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